“We intend to leave them better than we found them.”

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The Watson Foundation is a community housing organization founded to assist and empower homeowners and economically challenged individuals with a variety of housing needs.   Those needs such as a pathway to homeownership programs, foreclosure prevention, home modifications, budget planning, financial counseling, home improvements, roof replacements for residential as well as commercial customers.  We have over sixty-five years of combined experience. 

The inspiration behind the formation of The Watson Foundation has been the memory and deeds of my maternal grandmother, Betty Jackson Anthony, who raised me along with twelve siblings as she lived to see one hundred-ten years of age and was always quick to reply "no ways tired." She was the backbone of our family and our foundational hero. "Ma Betty", as she was so lovely called, was the reason we all shall have lived and taught us the "meat and potatoes" of community giving.

Our Motto is “We intend to leave them better than we found them.”

Featured Stories and Events from Newspaper Articles


The Watson Foundation Fundraiser
The Watson Foundation has decided to "Run with the Dream"

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Virtual Prisoners in their own home
It was a sunny afternoon, April 15, 2010 that I accompanied two stair lift specialists to the split level home of Lovell and Dianne Fleming located in Winston, GA.

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 The Candidates Speak
The Watson Foundation sponsored a public forum  for the mayoral candidates for municipal election.

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